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Best Value

3 Session Pack



3 private consultations scheduled at your own convenience.

Valid until canceled

3-Session Pack

Our 3-Session Pack is ideal for learners seeking a structured yet flexible approach to learning. This package is perfect for novices wanting a solid foundation or professionals aiming to refine specific techniques.

  • Tailored Learning: This pack offers a personalized learning experience, designed to match your unique interests and learning pace.

  • Cost-Effective Learning: Priced at £85, our 3-Session Pack includes three one-hour sessions, saving you £10 compared to the standard hourly rate.

  • Scheduling Flexibility: We understand everyone has unique time commitments. Schedule your sessions at a time that suits you best, offering you a stress-free and convenient learning experience.

10-Session Pack

Our 10-Session Pack is for learners ready to explore a subject deeply. It offers an extensive and comprehensive learning journey in your chosen area.

  • Comprehensive Learning: Our 10-Session Pack provides an in-depth understanding of your chosen subject, allowing the time and personalized guidance required to master a skill over multiple sessions truly.

  • Greater Savings: Our 10-Session Pack is priced at £250, offering significant savings of £100 compared to the standard hourly rate. This cost-effective package is perfect for dedicated learners looking to invest in personal or professional development.

  • Scheduling Flexibility: With our 10-Session Pack, you have the flexibility to schedule your sessions at your convenience, ensuring steady, paced learning over a longer period without disrupting your daily routines.

Best Value

10 Session Pack



Valid until canceled