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Explore Our Journey: We invite you to learn about our story, tracing our evolution from Philadelphia's bustling studios to tranquil English landscapes and celebrating our love for photography.



Inside Our World: We invite you to take a journey with us as we navigate from city life to quaint village living, with photography as our compass.


Welcome to River Dart Gallery
Where Art Meets Adventure!



We're professional photographers Kirsty Gilbert-Browning & Jason Browning, and we invite you to see the world through our lenses. Each snap, each click is a moment captured in time, every pixel brimming with our shared passion for exploration and creativity.

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Our Story

• The Beginning: From 2004 to 2010, we ran Gilbertbrowning Studios, a successful commercial studio in Philadelphia, USA.

• A Decisive Change: In 2010, we returned to the village where Kirsty was raised. Trading in city life for the rolling hills of the South West of England, we shifted our focus to Fine Art.

• A New Start: River Dart Gallery, offering Fine Art and Commercial photography services, was established in 2011.

• Our Journey Around The World: In 2013, we took a two-year hiatus to explore the globe. Over 30 countries later, we experienced adventures of a lifetime, capturing our view of the world along the way.

• River Dart Gallery Opens: We returned to Stoke Gabriel in late 2015 and opened River Dart Gallery as an art gallery, framing shop, and commercial photography studio.

Life, one frame at a time

As photographers, we're natural storytellers. Much like our photographs, our journey is one of discovery, challenge, and transformation. From running a bustling commercial studio in the heart of Philadelphia to tracing our roots back to the idyllic village where Kirsty was raised, our path has been as diverse as the photographs we capture.

With the establishment of River Dart Gallery, we embarked on a new chapter in our professional journey – a fusion of fine art and commercial photography in the backdrop of the stunning South West of England. From the sprawling landscapes to the intimate street corners, we've immortalised the essence of this region in our craft.

Commercial Photography

Think of us as your visual strategists. As professional photographers with experience in commercial photography, we don't just take pictures - we build narratives. Your brand has a story, and our commercial photography services are designed to help you tell that story with captivating, high-quality images that genuinely embody your brand's identity and message.