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Turn back the clock on your photos with River Dart Gallery's photo restoration services, restoring their original beauty.


Her Majesty

Relive the beauty of your past with River Dart Gallery's photo restoration services, restoring the glory of your old photos

Photo Restoration UK Unveiling the Beauty
of Your Past

Family Photos in B&W

Revive Your Cherished Memories with Expert Photo Restoration Services

Picture this - you stumble upon a box of old photos, and your heart skips a beat. But as you pull them out, you're met with the reality of wear and tear. That's where we come in! Our team of highly skilled technicians, with a whopping 15 years of experience under their belts, is like a squad of photo wizards. Armed with cutting-edge digital technology and a passion for perfection, they work their magic to bring your damaged photos back to life.

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Comprehensive Photo Repair Services Bid Farewell to Imperfections

Our comprehensive range of photo repair services has got your back:
Mending Tears and Damage:

From small creases to major tears, we lovingly repair every flaw in your photos, one pixel at a time.

Reviving Colors and Clarity:

Fading colours got you down? Fear not! We wave our restoration wand and watch the colours come alive and the finer details that were once lost.

Bid Farewell to Imperfections:

Those pesky spots, stains, and mould? Consider them gone! We'll whisk them away to reveal the true beauty of your snapshots.

Turning Back Time:

Cracks, scratches, and blemishes are no match for our expertise. We'll turn back the clock and whisk away these signs of ageing.

Bringing Out the Best in Light:

Lighting issues and red-eye? Consider them banished! We'll ensure your subjects are the shining stars they were meant to be.

Artistic Flair:

Looking to add a touch of pizzazz? Our creative geniuses can hand-colour your black-and-white photos, infusing them with life and vibrancy.

Your Memories, Revived and Reproduced - Cherish and Share

Once we've worked our restoration magic, we want you to keep those cherished memories close. We offer various delivery options, including CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, or online transfers, so you can relive the nostalgia and share your joy with family and friends.


Family Photo Album

Combining Technology and Artistry 

A Symphony of Restoration

At River Dart Gallery, we believe in the perfect harmony between technology and artistry.


With high-end scanners, we create digital replicas of your treasured photos, preserving their authenticity while masterfully restoring their beauty.

Let's give your old photos a new lease of life.

Wandering the planet we strive to interpret and photograph our vision of the world around us
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