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From Snow to Sunshine - Our new home our Airstream Basecamp Adventure to Key West

We are the proud owners of an epic Airstream - the Basecamp. It looks like it's time for an epic road trip with our Airstream Basecamp from snowy Philadelphia to the sun-kissed paradise of Key West as we learn to embrace the challenges and joys of towing an Airstream for the first time, creating memories that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

The Beginning of an Adventure: Departing in the Snow

With our Airstream Basecamp hitched to our vehicle, we set off from Philadelphia amidst a winter wonderland. The snow-kissed landscapes mirror the excitement and anticipation in our hearts. We knew embarking on this journey during winter might be adventurous, but the allure of exploring Key West's tropical charm was irresistible.

A Lesson in Towing: Navigating Through Snowstorms

As we ventured southward, we encountered a series of snowstorms that tested our towing skills and determination. Driving through unfamiliar terrain in challenging weather conditions was a learning experience. Yet, with each obstacle we conquered, we felt a sense of accomplishment, knowing we gained invaluable knowledge about towing our Basecamp.

The Beauty of the Open Road: Embracing the Journey

The open road beckoned us with a sense of freedom and wonder despite the challenges. We relished the ever-changing scenery—driving through snow-capped mountains, picturesque valleys, and quaint towns that seemed frozen in time. Our cameras were our faithful companions, capturing the essence of each place we passed.

Key West: A Tropical Oasis Awaits

After 28 hours of driving, we finally arrived in Key West, where the Snow was replaced with sun-drenched beaches and swaying palm trees. The contrast felt surreal, and we knew we had embarked on a remarkable adventure that took us from winter's embrace to the sun's warm caress.

Basecamp: A Home on Wheels and an Epic Companion

Our Airstream Basecamp proved to be the perfect companion for this journey. Compact yet functional, it provided us with the comforts of home as we traversed the country. Whether parked in a picturesque campground or beside a sandy beach, our Basecamp became a haven of relaxation and creativity.

Photographic Paradise: Capturing Key West's Beauty

Vibrant sunsets, mesmerizing blues of the ocean, and the lively spirit of the town became our local hang-out, and we loved the carefree nature of Key West.



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