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Conversations with Light - Capturing the Essence of Oaxaca Through Our Lenses

As we entered Iglesia De San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya we were immediately struck by the stillness and quietude that enveloped the church. The air inside felt warm and slightly sticky due to the tropical climate of Oaxaca. The sun's rays filtered through the small windows, casting a soft, golden glow on the interior walls and floor. The play of light and shadows danced around the centuries-old frescoes and intricate altarpiece, creating a mesmerizing ambience that invited us to pause and absorb the moment's serenity.

The sticky air seemed to add a touch of intimacy to the space as if we were experiencing a private moment with the church itself. We could feel the history and reverence of the place seeping into our souls, connecting us with the countless prayers and ceremonies that had taken place within these walls over the centuries.

As photographers, we revelled in the interplay of light and architecture, capturing the delicate details and vibrant colours illuminated by the sun's rays. The stillness of the air allowed us to focus on the nuances of the space, appreciating the craftsmanship of the indigenous murals and the intricate carvings of the altarpiece.

At that moment, we felt overwhelming gratitude for the opportunity to be in this sacred space, with the church all to ourselves. It was a rare privilege to witness the beauty and history of Iglesia De San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya in such a serene and undisturbed manner.

As the moments passed, we embraced the sticky air as a reminder of the authenticity and depth of our experience. It was a reminder that photography is not just about capturing images but about capturing emotions, stories, and the essence of a place. Our conversations with light in this captivating church allowed us to tell a visual story that transcended time and left an indelible mark on our photographic journey through Oaxaca, Mexico.



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